Learn About E3

Gro Green, LLC is a USA based global exporter and distributor of agricultural products. The company focuses on green, organic and environmentally friendly products that can replace or reduce the use of toxic and more costly chemicals used in a variety of farming practices. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida with an office in Guayaquil, Ecuador. We have large scale manufacturing capacity and partnerships in shipping, trade finance, banking and insurance that allow us to meet the global needs of our clients and the marketplace.

Gro Green currently has its initial flagship product, E3 at the forefront of agricultural innovation targeting the complete replacement of toxic agricultural oil used in farming and leading the banana industry’s fight against Sigatoka Negra throughout Central and South America. Our scientific testing under various climate conditions in Ecuador have proven that in addition to having zero phototoxicity, E3 can and will globally replace the current use of toxic oils in farming. The economic and environmental benefits are staggering. The use of just 100,000 gallons of E3 will replace approximately 3.3 million gallons of oil used in agricultural spraying applications. It is products, like E3, that Gro Green aims to bring to the marketplace and change the way retailers, distributors, wholesalers, producers and even small independent farmers cultivate their lands and treat the environment.