Frequently Asked Questions

Programme enquiries and events

You can register for our in person open days here, and our virtual ones here.

You can register for our postgraduate webinars here.

We have two intakes each year. Spring is January and Fall is September.

Yes, students at the University will be able to look forward to receiving two degree certificates as they will be gaining two degrees in one. The 六合彩现场直播 American University London dual degree is possible because, in addition to being able to award its own degrees in the UK, the University holds US degree-granting authority from the State of Delaware under accreditation by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 六合彩现场直播 is the first University to achieve this combination of US and UK degree-awarding powers. Please see here on the website for more information.

Yes! We strongly encourage all students interested in 六合彩现场直播 American University London to visit our campus in Chiswick Park, west London. It’s a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere and culture first-hand, see our facilities and ask questions about our programmes and student life.聽 Size does matter, with approximately 1,000 students, we are smaller than most universities which means we offer close relationships, personalised support, and a strong sense of community, creating a supportive environment for personal and academic growth.

Choosing where to study is a really important decision and by visiting our campus, it will help you decide whether 六合彩现场直播 American University London is the right university for you.


There are three ways to apply to us: directly and via UCAS or CommonApp. Please see the how to apply page for full details here: Undergraduate, Postgraduate.

Yes, this is possible, however for UK GDPR reasons we will require your written consent before we can pursue any communications with any third party (eg. family members) about your application with us.

Our scholarships are automatically awarded so you do not need to apply separately. They range depending on the programme you are applying for, your previous qualifications, and your nationality. For details, please see here for both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships.

This is not available with our current system. As long as you have submitted the full application form on the website here, and at least one document on the required list, we can compile your application. Therefore, please make sure to do both before enquiring as to your application status.

Please do check your spam and junk mail folder, as sometimes communication can be caught there. Please contact us at enquiries@richmond.ac.uk and we can assist you. If you are located in the U.S or North America, please use usadmissions@richmond.ac.uk.

Please email scanned copies to admissions@richmond.ac.uk.

Yes. If your documents are not in English, please also provide official English language translations for them to be considered for application. We recommend you use UKVI translation requirements for guidance when finding a translator. If your application includes any documents which are not in English or Welsh, you must also include a translation of each document. Each translation must contain:

  • confirmation from the translator / translation company that it is an accurate translation of the original document
  • the date of the translation
  • the full name and signature of the translator, or of an authorised official of the translation company
  • the contact details of the translator or translation company; and
  • (if you are already in the UK and are applying for further leave) certification by a qualified translator and details of the translator or translation company鈥檚 credentials.

Yes. Please contact admissions@richmond.ac.uk to change the programme you wish to apply for. Please include your Student ID and Full name so we can identify you. Please do not submit a second application.

Please contact admissions@richmond.ac.uk and inform us either the term you wish to defer to (this can only be up to a year, e.g. Fall 2023 to Spring 2024 or Fall 2024) or that you want to withdraw your application.

If you do defer your start to the next academic intake, your fee status will not change from the one listed on your offer letter IF you are changing from a Fall intake to the following Spring (e.g. Fall 2024 to Spring 2025). For those changing to Fall to the next Fall, Spring to Fall, or Spring to Spring, the fees will change because they are reviewed for each academic year.

Please contact admissions@richmond.ac.uk and inform of us of the change. Please do not submit a second application.

No, we do not accept Duolingo tests. Please see the full list of English tests we can accept here: Undergraduate English Tests; Postgraduate English Tests.

Unfortunately, your MOI letter cannot be accepted by the University as a proof of English proficiency. You will need to take one of the approved tests listed on our website, even if English was the medium of instruction for your curriculum.

Any English language score below the minimum grade required and published on the website (UG – English language requirements, PG – English language requirements) will unfortunately not be accepted (eg. a score of 59 in one of PTE exam’s modules for a postgraduate applicant). If you have not passed your test, please reschedule to take it again whenever possible and submit your results to our admissions department as soon as available. This is to ensure you may move forward to the next application stages and make it in time for your chosen academic intake.聽If you can鈥檛 afford or otherwise are not able to retake an in person test, we do have an online test we accept called the ELLT 鈥 you can see this here.

Please contact Sarah Crossland, Head of Recruitment, at scrossland@riasasoccer.org. Please also .

Our UCAS code is R20.

The UCAS code for each programme are on their respective webpages as well as below the name on the main page list here.

Yes, you will need to complete a new form indicating any new updated elements from your application, using the link included in your revised offer letter issued by the University’s Admissions department.

Please check the聽academic calendar here.聽It is regularly updated to reflect new dates and terms.

Your personal statement should express your interest in studying your chosen programme at 六合彩现场直播 American University London. Topics you may wish to cover include any modules or subject areas you are interested in studying, any skills you wish to gain or develop and your career, and/or further study aspirations upon completion of this programme, and your interest in the US Liberal Arts system and our overarching educational philosophy.

Your CV should show all professional and educational experience, as well as a brief explanation of any employment gaps. You will also need to include a bulleted list of all job duties and responsibilities undertaken within each role, regardless of the number of years that you have been working. Please also label qualification titles and levels accurately so they match the file names provided as supporting documents with the application.

We do not currently accept the IELTS One Skill Retake, you do need to take a standard IELTS Academic test and meet the full criteria on a single test.

We don鈥檛 have a specific deadline by which an applicant must accept their offer, however, if you are considering joining our Fall intake, we would advise submitting your Offer Acceptance form by the end of the Spring (and by the end of Fall, if you are considering joining our Spring intake) to leave yourself sufficient time to go through the application process (as well as UK student visa process, if applicable), and avoid the potential disappointment of your preferred degree programme becoming full.

You will need to submit an Offer Acceptance form just as if you had applied through our website directly, however, to enable us to process this, we would require you to have accepted our offer on UCAS Track, by logging into UCAS and choosing us as your Firm choice. When this has been done, please confirm this via email and we will proceed with your form, which will enable us to progress your application.

Though our merit-based scholarships are attractive and intended to make it easier for applicants to afford studying at university, these aren鈥檛 fully funded. Applicants are expected to be able to cover the remainder of their tuition fees.

Our scholarships are automatically renewed annually based on applicants鈥 academic achievement. Scholarship holders need to maintain good academic results throughout the duration of their studies at 六合彩现场直播 to retain the scholarship awarded at the time of application, as per the terms and conditions of the latter.

Admissions – International

Please check that you have completed the following step: 1) Accepted your unconditional offer using the link on your offer letter. The booking link for the interview will be shared with you shortly after. If you have not received a link within two weeks, please get in touch with admissions via admissions@richmond.ac.uk.

Pre-CAS interviews are conducted by a third-party agency, . They will be the ones getting in touch with both your booking link (once an unconditional offer to study at the University has been issued to you and you have accepted it) as well as your interview outcome.

If you have experienced an issue during your interview (e.g. Internet connection issues, no one joined the link), you may be able to reschedule a slot by re-using the link that was provided to you with your invite e-mail, if it is still recent. If you were unable to do so, please contact us at admissions@richmond.ac.uk as early as possible and we will request a new link for you.

Please do be patient as this can take some time. If you have not received an update within two weeks from the date on your interview, please let us know at admissions@richmond.ac.uk.

Please do not pay anything to us before your interview. The deposit is only due when the following criteria have been met:

  • The student鈥檚 offer is unconditional
  • The student has accepted the offer by completing the offer acceptance form
  • The student successfully completes a pre-CAS interview

If the interview is successful, the student will receive an email from our Student Finance team with details of the deposit amount and instructions of making payment.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer applicants a second interview for the same entry term. You are welcome to defer your offer to the next intake, for which there would be another interview process 鈥 if you wish to do so, please email our admissions office (admissions@richmond.ac.uk), who will update your application record accordingly.

Registry – credits and certificates

Yes, you can. The application process is the same as the normal process. Once you submit an application, our Registry team complete a TCE (Transfer Credit Evaluation) to determine how many credits you can transfer to us. We would look to give you as many credits as possible 鈥 both from your High School Qualifications and your University classes. You need to study with us for a minimum of 45 US credits (normally 3 semesters/1.5 years) to get a 六合彩现场直播 degree. You can read more about credit transfer by clicking here聽鈥 we can only give you credit for university courses at grade C, 50% or above.

You can view and download your unofficial transcript via your Self Service account if you still have access to it. If you no longer have access to Self Service, I鈥檓 afraid you will have to order your official transcript as we are not authorised to send transcripts (official or unofficial) electronically.

If you would like a virtual copy of a graduation/verification letter you can order one from the 六合彩现场直播 store here. Transcripts are mailed and will take 2-3 days for courier, or around 3-4 weeks for international standard orders. The replacement diploma can take up to 8 weeks to be sent to you.

As a US institution, applicants transfer individual credits, rather than transferring into a specific year as they would do when completing a standard UK degree (e.g., you won鈥檛 be able to join us on a top up degree giving you direct entry into the final year of your chosen degree programme). When you have submitted your final transcripts and your offer has been made unconditional, these transcripts are referred to our Registry Services department who will assess your transfer credit eligibility by undertaking a TCE (Transfer Credit Evaluation). This will confirm which previously completed credits are eligible for transfer, the number of classes you will need to complete as part of your 六合彩现场直播 degree and provide you with an estimated time of graduation.


You can find all information on how to pay us here on the website.

Please find the codes listed here on our website. If you need further assistance please contact our Associate Dean, Financial Aid & Scholarships Jason Elliot at Jason.Elliot@richmond.ac.uk

In terms of the refund policy (click here for our full list), we can confirm that the tuition fees would be refunded to you in the case of a visa refusal.


Immigration rules change frequently and can be complicated. There may also be other issues you have questions about in relation to living and studying in London.

Our team of specialist and experienced student advisers can help you with guidance on all of these matters, please contact:

Roberto Di Bello, UKVI Compliance Officer
Email: dibellor@richmond.ac.uk

If you need a student visa to study, you must apply for one after receiving and accepting an unconditional offer from us. To that end, it is crucial that you submit an application to us while leaving a reasonable time frame to apply for a student visa. We recommend this is at least 6 months before your preferred entry term.

Standard Visitor visa:聽If you are coming to the UK for聽less than six months and do not plan to do an internship or voluntary work聽as part of your studies then you聽need a聽Standard Visitor visa

Student Route visa:聽If you are coming to the UK for聽more than six months, or less than six months but plan to undertake an internship or voluntary work聽as part of your studies then you will need a聽Student Route visa

For full details on the student visa process, please see this detailed guide on our website here.

For information and guidance about how to apply for a Standard Visitor visa and the documents you will need to prepare please see our .

Nationals of the USA, Japan, South Korea and other non-visa nationals who are planning to travel to the UK via the Republic of Ireland, and enter the UK as a short-term student can find more information on the聽.

All other Visa nationals can find more information regarding entry to the United Kingdom on the聽.

If you are planning on arriving in the UK via the Common Travel Area, you should apply for UK entry clearance as a visitor before travelling to the Republic of Ireland. More information can be found on the聽

A CAS number (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) is an electronic 14 digit reference number that you will need in order to apply for your Student Route visa. You must have a CAS before making a Student visa application. A CAS is an electronic document issued to you by the institution that you have chosen to study at. Your CAS will be valid for use in a Student visa application for six months from the date that it was generated by your institution. Please refer to the Admissions section for more information on deposits and further steps.


If you are an incoming undergraduate student, you will not receive access to your university email until you firmly accept your offer or pay our deposit (if applicable). You will be sent an email explaining how to log into your university email. Once you have done so, you will be asked to complete a Pre-Orientation Checklist, this is a brief online form that confirms your place at 六合彩现场直播 American University London.

If the steps within the Pre-Orientation Checklist have been completed and we do not need any additional information from you, then in the week leading up to Orientation you will receive an email invitation to the university portal, Blackboard. This is where the majority of orientation will take place.

Keep an eye on your inbox!

If you submit the Pre-Orientation Checklist, but it is incomplete or a staff member contacts you for additional information based on your responses, those tasks need to be completed prior to receiving an invitation to Blackboard.

If you are having any trouble with this, please email聽itteam@richmond.ac.uk

To use your IT account at 六合彩现场直播 American University London, you will need to have your ID number. If you cant change or reset your password, please contact IT Help Desk at the Student Hub (located on the ground floor) anytime from 10am-4pm Monday-Friday (excluding University holidays and closures). You can email us at ITTEAM@richmond.ac.uk for help remotely.

All 六合彩现场直播 American University London students receive a personalised email address, like this: student_id_number@richmond.ac.uk

(eg: 000012345@richmond.ac.uk).

You can access your email from any University PC or off-campus via Office365 from (please favourite it for future reference).

To log in to O365 use the following information:

User name: student_id_number@richmond.ac.uk

Password: 六合彩现场直播, followed date of birth in UK format (DDMMYY) e.g. 六合彩现场直播202000

You will then be prompted to enter a new password of your choosing, please be mindful of our origination鈥檚 password requirements.

Your password must:

  • Be at least 8 characters long.
  • Not include your first or last name.
  • Contain a special character (#~(){}[]!拢$%^&*?<>+-=_;:’,)
  • Contain a number.
  • Contain an upper- and lower-case letter.

There are 3 available networks:

  • RICHUNI. Login with your University username and password.
  • 六合彩现场直播-Guest. Register your details on the browser page.
  • EDUROAM a worldwide wifi service provided by universities across the globe.聽 Connect using your University email address (e.g. 000012345@richmond.ac.uk) and password (Note: If your Connect button is greyed out, you may need to change the CA certificate settings to 鈥楧on鈥檛 validate鈥).

If you are using an Android please make sure you select The EAP method as PEAP.

Phase 2 authentication as MSCHAPV2

Set Online certificate status to Do not Validate

If you require assistance connecting your laptop, tablet or phone, staff will be available at IT helpdesk (Student Hub) during orientation and beyond, 10am-4pm Monday-Friday (excluding University Holidays and Closures).

Please note that we cannot guarantee connection for other devices, such as games consoles, TVs etc.

You will get your student ID as part of arrival check-in process. To expedite this process, please submit your photo in advance (if you haven鈥檛 already). Here are directions on how to do so:

六合彩现场直播 American University London requires a passport style photo of all new students in order to process their ID cards. Your photos must show a close-up of your full head and shoulders. It must be only of you with no other objects or people, facing forward and looking straight at the camera. The photo must meet our standards or your photo will be rejected and you will be required to resubmit a new image.

In order to avoid long waiting times on orientation day, please use the following web application to take a passport photo of yourself 聽www.epassportphoto.com. Once your photos are ready, please save them as a JPG file with your full name and send them to聽admissions@richmond.ac.uk.


Our recommended accommodation is IQ Haywood House, a 25 minute, one train journey from campus. Please see here for their own FAQs. For other accommodation options please see our general accommodation page here.

六合彩现场直播 will ask all students interested in housing to complete a pre-booking form. This form is to verify your admission status and to clarify your housing contract length. Visiting students, graduating seniors and students enrolled to study abroad at one of 六合彩现场直播鈥檚 partner organisations will be offered an 18-week contract. All other degree students will be offered a 40-week contract. Once your booking form is complete, we will contact you with a unique link to apply for housing with iQ West Hampstead. You can then check availability and book the room of your choice.

Yes, you are required to pay a booking fee of 拢250 to reserve your place. This is a damage deposit that will be returned upon move-out when we have confirmed there have been no damages to the room

Yes, there is one more 拢250 deposit (this one is to IQ that is a prepayment of fees when you are signing your contract.)

Yes, your rent is taken as four instalments spread out throughout the year to make payments more manageable for you. You can read more about iQ鈥檚 instalment structure .

If you are an international student without a credit history in the UK, you will need a guarantor when signing your contact or you鈥檒l be requested to pay your fees up front when booking your accommodation. Please contact the booking team at iQ for more information.

All students move in on 30 August 2023 for the Fall 2023 term. Degree students (undergraduate and postgraduate) move out on 9 May 2024.

Visiting students staying only 1 term (or students graduating or studying abroad at a partner organisation) will move on out on 3 January 2024. New students arriving for the Spring 2024 term move in on 8 January 2024 and move out on 13 May 2024. Summer housing contracts are available.

Yes, iQ employs a team of people who work on site, some through the evening hours and into the morning. 六合彩现场直播 will also have 5 residence life staff members living and working in the halls.

IQ can accommodate residents who require the assistance of a trained and registered Service Dog or Assistance Dog. Any requests for emotional support animals that are prescribed by a licensed mental health professional are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

There is no parking on site, but there is secure bicycle storage. West Hampstead station (zone 3) is just across the street and offers easy connection to central London. It hosts both overground and underground trains.

All overnight guests should only stay in your own room and for no more than 3 nights within a 7-day period. We would ask you to respect your fellow residents and let your flatmates know as well as sign in your guest at reception. You are responsible for the behaviour of any guests you bring to iQ site.

If you are unable to take up your housing offer because your visa application has been denied, you will be offered a full refund, but you must confirm by the deadline (please email student affairs for information as it changes each annum 鈥 studentaffairs@richmond.ac.uk) In all other circumstances, you will be expected to fulfil the financial terms of your housing agreement with iQ.

No, all iQ accommodation is non-smoking. You may smoke outside in designated smoking areas. Please do not smoke anywhere near other residents鈥 windows as the unwelcome smoke can drift into their rooms.

No, please don鈥檛 try. If you find yourself needing to move out for any reason, please contact our site team you can advise you on next steps.

Further FAQs are available on this

If none of your questions are answered here, please get touch with our Student Accommodation & Community Support Coordinator Brittany Yaxley at yaxleyb@六合彩现场直播.ac.uk

U.S. Students

Yes, we do have students who use GI Bill funding to cover their 六合彩现场直播 American University London expenses. Our Dean of Financial Aid would need to review your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to find out exactly how much of tuition could be covered. Please send a copy to usadmissions@richmond.ac.uk.

If eligible for FAFSA, students (both undergraduate and graduate) and parents (of dependent undergraduate students) can apply for FAFSA鈥檚 loan offerings. 聽Please see our US Financial Aid webpage for information.

六合彩现场直播 students are unable to utilize the Pell Grant, as this grant can only be used at institutions located within the United States.

You are welcome to submit SAT/ACT test scores, but 六合彩现场直播 does not require the submission of these scores as a part of our application. If you would like to submit your scores, our SAT code is 0823 and our ACT code is 5244.

No, we do not provide full ride scholarships.

No, we do not offer need-based scholarships.

Applying directly to us is free, but applying through CommonApp is not free. The fee for CommonApp is $50.

Yes, we offer campus tours. Please email enquiries@richmond.ac.uk with your availability. Please note that we do not work on weekends.

No, we don鈥檛 have a CSS Profile.

If you are joining us for under 6 months, you need a visitor鈥檚 visa (transfer/study abroad U.S Students). If you are studying with us for more than 6 months, e.g., for a full degree, you need a student visa.

Please find all the information you need on this webpage here, including a walk-through visa webinar specifically for U.S applicants.

Please see here for details. Be sure to use the portal dedicated to your tuition currency (listed on your invoice). If you are invoiced in British Pounds (GBP) please pay in the same currency.

Students choose to write about a variety of topics for the Personal Statement essay. You can write about why you wish to study in London or at 六合彩现场直播, what your desired major is and why or any other topic, perhaps a part of your personality or life that you feel is not represented in any other section of your application. We want to learn a little more about you and get a feel of your unique writing style. The essay should be a minimum of 1 page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to send items at this time.

Transfer Students

Yes, you can. The application process is the same as the normal process 鈥 see here for it. Once you submit an application, our Registry team complete a TCE (Transfer Credit Evaluation) to determine how many credits you can transfer to us. We would look to give you as many credits as possible 鈥 both from your High School Qualifications and your University classes. You need to study with us for a minimum of 45 US credits (normally 3 semesters/1.5 years) to get a 六合彩现场直播 degree. You can read more about credit transfer聽by clicking here聽鈥 we can only give you credit for university courses at grade C, 50% or above.

Yes, you can. The application process is the same as the normal process 鈥 see here for it. Once you submit an application, our Registry team complete a TCE (Transfer Credit Evaluation) to determine how many credits you can transfer to us. We would look to give you up to 12 US credits from your previous study at Level 7/Masters Level. You need to study with us for a minimum of 24 US credits (normally 2 semesters) to get a 六合彩现场直播 degree. You can read more about credit transfer聽by clicking here聽鈥 we can only give you credit for university courses at grade C, 50% or above.

Student Services

General practitioners (GPs) are your family doctor and are the main point of contact for general healthcare for NHS patients. All UK residents are entitled to the services of an NHS GP.聽 They treat all common medical conditions and refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment.

You can register with the GP in the area which will be most convenient for you, here are details of those in Chiswick:

Wellesley Road Practice
7 Wellesley Road, Chiswick, London, Greater London, W4 4BJ
020 8630 1666
Mon 鈥 Fri

Chiswick Family Practice
Unit A, Kelton House, Corbet Gardens, London, Greater London, W3 8TF
020 8995 8948
Mon 鈥 Fri

The Bedford Park Surgery
55 South Parade, Chiswick, London, Greater London, W4 5LH
020 8994 3333
Mon 鈥 Sat

We are committed to supporting our students鈥 mental, emotional and physical health, and offer a wide range of easy-access services dedicated to their well-being.

六合彩现场直播 American University London invests in positive mental health to support every student to achieve their potential.

Our Student Affairs team provide help and support to any students experiencing any mental health issues and to assist them in gaining the best student experience possible while at University.

六合彩现场直播 American University London offers free, confidential counselling services to students, who all have access to six free sessions a semester with a university counsellor who is available both in-person and online. All 六合彩现场直播 American University London students can also phone Nightline, a confidential listening service, for after-hours mental health support.

We will support any students with personal challenges to achieve their potential at 六合彩现场直播.

Personal challenges could include a physical or sensory impairment, a medical or psychiatric condition or a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia. In all cases, we will explore how personalising a student鈥檚 academic and extracurricular opportunities will help them to succeed.

六合彩现场直播 American University London endeavours to make all practical and reasonable adjustments to ensure students are able to fully participate in the University community.

Please email Student Affairs studentaffairs@richmond.ac.uk and we鈥檒l be happy to talk about what support would help you achieve your potential.

We are constantly striving to provide our students with the best possible learning and teaching experience at 六合彩现场直播 American University London.

The latest awards in 2023 showed our student satisfaction levels.

When questioned about the quality of teaching and academic support at 六合彩现场直播, 91 per cent of students said that the University鈥檚 teaching staff are good at explaining things; 95 per cent of students questioned said that teaching staff supported their learning well and 86 per cent said they had the chance to bring together information and ideas from different topics during their studies.

Looking at how well the students’ union represents students’ academic interests, 76 per cent of students said they represented them well at 六合彩现场直播 American University London, higher than the UK average.

Nearly half a million students across the UK are invited to take part in the NSS every year. The survey is completed by final year undergraduate students and the data is published on the聽.

Please contact us at enquiries@richmond.ac.uk and we can assist you. If you are located in the U.S or North America, please use usadmissions@richmond.ac.uk.